"Active Nation Day is the annual global fitness and wellbeing event created by Australian activewear brand Lorna Jane. Lorna Jane has been at the forefront of innovation since it launched in 1990 in Brisbane, Australia creating beautiful, high quality and functional activewear with industry-leading technology and design. Leading with their MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE philosophy, Lorna Jane encourages people all over the world over to look and feel good in their own skin. Active Nation Day was first created in 2012 by Founder and Chief Creative Director of the brand, Lorna Jane. Lorna’s vision was to dedicate the last Sunday of September every year to inspiring one another to move in a bid to fight the growing number of alarming health issues facing the world today. Her aim is to have a free, global national day of active living, recognised all over the globe. This year, the UK will be celebrating Active Nation Day in partnership with London’s hottest new fitness experience: Ministry Does Fitness. Lorna Jane will be launching free tickets welcoming in hundreds of people to enjoy the workouts on offer along with the many workshops, vendors and exclusive activity on offer throughout the day.